2021 Singapore Best Slimming Product Ranking Top 1

Had heard of so much people seeking for the best slimming products under the spread of Covid-19. Compare with the strong competitors in Singapore, 2B Alternative Asia had successfully boarded the sales charts in Shopee Best Seller. Why so many people recommend the 2B slimming products? Let's come and see the effects after using the 2B Alternative series - Into Arm & Body Pro!

What is 2B Alternative Into Arm & Body Pro?

Singapore Best Slimming Product
2B Alternative Into Arm & Body is based on Heat Deep Penetrating (HDP) formula that activates EGF, HCA, Caffeine and Liporeductyl to reach out fat cell and cut it by a high speed burning, removing the stubborn fat and tightening fat arms and waist. This helps to stop sagging, knocks out to your bye-bye muscles and reduces cellulite.

What is inside?

The gel is clear in color and lets out a nice green tea smell. The green tea extract actually helps better absorption and digestion for a purifying result after applying and massaging around the lower abdomen.You will feel a burning sensation which will last approx 15-20mins on the areas where 2B is applied on, however, the burning sensation is pretty bearable. In fact, you should be glad if you can feel the heat after application of 2B as this means that it penetrating into your fat cells, dissolving your body fat!

Why 2B Arm and Body Pro so popular?

Many people post their reviews/ feedback on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc. They all reflect that their arm and tummy reduced more than 7 inches after apply for 2 weeks. Below are the comments on web:

"I love the aromatic smell of its green tea extract which is mild and not obviously "perfumed", and also the fact that the gel do not leave my skin with stickiness after full absorbed, especially since I'm one who tends to sweat easily, I will feel extremely uncomfortable with sticky skincare products.  The burning sensation makes me feel goods and I can feel the applied area is tightening." -----From Age 25 Female

"After near 1 week of trial, I do feel my waistline seems to have tighten up a bit. My arms do get more firmed up and there's an approx 2 inch loss. I was told before that, those with hard body fats will find it harder to slim down Vs. those with flappy fats, as hard body fats tend to be more stubborn to break down, and I am the latter category. The flappy fats have a great reduce. I'm glad that it worked. So I will continue to use the 2B product." -----From Age 32 Female

How to use?

The application is pretty easy. It is recommended to to apply 2B Alternative Into Arm & Body after your shower. Reason being, it can be absorbed more quickly and fully, reaching out fat cells and burning out faster on a spotlessly clean body.  For your arms, gently massage from your palm to shoulder for 2-3 minutes, as for your waist, gently massage from lower waist and up for 3 minutes.

You may feel stickiness upon initial application of 2B, however, once fully absorbed upon massaging, the applied areas no longer feel sticky with the enhanced water molecule - G2.

Where can I buy?

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